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Did We Talk About Pelicans?

I find animal behavior fascinating. Each animal has their own set of characteristics that have allowed them to survive and thrive in this world. One of my favorite examples of these characteristics belongs to the Pelican.

Pelicans have this long beak that essentially turns into a fishbowl when they are fishing for food. They will hold those fish in their beaks for extended periods of time until they are ready to eat. However, if they have to fly away, the weight of the fish is far too heavy for the birds to take with them... so they simply let them go. They don't think about how long they worked to get that fish or worry about starving, they just know that it no longer serves them going forward and they leave them behind.

I feel like we are all holding on to something... whether it be a job, relationship, or an old story about ourselves that no longer serves us moving forward. And whether it be out of fear or comfort, we allow these things to hitch a ride through each phase of our life because, "That is how things have always been," or "I worked too hard on that to just simply let it go."

I can recall a dream I had a few months ago where I saw the word fear streaming through the air like a sign hanging off of a plane, and a pelican flying with purpose in the opposite direction. Interpreting that dream didn't take too much time.

So my questions to you are: What are you still holding to? What old story are you carrying with you into your new phase of life? And last but not least, what are you willing to let go?

With love and gratitude,

Stephanie Breitenstein MC, LCPC/LPC

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