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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

I have been thinking about something a fellow classmate said to me back in 2011, while in graduate school for counseling. He said, "If you wrote a blog, I would read it." So I'm writing this for you Kris, knowing that you just may be the only one that actually reads this.

There has been a trend in my life recently. A push to put creativity into writing. Synchronicities and "signs" pointing in the direction of blogging... something I am terrified to try. As life continues to evolve I realize that any decision I have made out of fear typically leaves me in a worse position than I started... and yet it is a lesson that I have to continually learn. Well, not today fear... not today.

I have been a counselor for almost ten years, and in that time I have worked with people in all sorts of different life circumstances. And the more I find myself stepping out of the shadow and into my own style of counseling, the more confident I feel. I can see the path my soul has always intended for me.

I've noticed that I have this ability to catch something ordinary and understand it in a way that makes sense in the counseling world. I am the counselor that says stuff like, "Did we talk about Pelicans?" or "Did I tell you about going rock climbing?" And as I write this I realize I sound mostly like my dad, ready to riddle you into a state of confusion, only to allow things to come together in the end.

My hope is that you will be able to gain perspective through those simple stories and find out more about yourself in the process.

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What a joy it is to see you become the counselor I saw you as all those years ago! Fear sure can be an obstacle to overcome, but how else would we know how meaningful the steps we take can be. I’m glad you pushed fear aside and allowed me to fulfill I promise I made 11 years ago. I look forward to more posts!




Hi, Stephanie! I think it’s incredible that you are taking those words to heart all these years later by facing your fears and honoring that pull you feel to do something you know could be powerful. I can relate to that - I continue to be held back from public writing by my fear and self-imposed pressure for perfection (oh, and by the three tiny humans currently consuming my life!). So, thank you for the inspiration! It sounds like you make a wonderful counselor. Keep up the great work in the chair and on the page.

Looking forward to reading more,

Consie (a.k.a. Kris’ wife)

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